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Our Corporate Values


Continue to be the leading company in bakery products in Turkey,  continuously elevating industry standards, and continue to grow together with our consumers, customers, and employees.


As a brand that cares about people and environment; to increase the quality of nutrition and life of our consumers by producing quality bakery products and to encourage sectoral development.


As the leader in the bakery products sector in Turkey, "Quality" is a subject of our social responsibility and our criteria to expand our horizons and our perspective in every activity of us.

The principles we always value;

Establishing strong procedures to make our quality system sustainable
Establishing close relationships with our stakeholders, suppliers, employees, customers and consumers
Working with trained staff who do not compromise quality
Using the most effective and up to date technology in our processes
Adopting a continuous development approach


The critical control points for all our products we produce in Unmaş are defined and evaluated in accordance with Food Safety laws and relevant standards, from raw material acceptance to final product shipment.

We guarantee to our consumers and our customers that we will offer products that do not jeopardize human health.