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Our Human Resources Policy

Establishment of systems that will ensure that appropriate personnel apply to the company and enable the development of human resources which is the fundamental competitive advantage in providing the best service to consumers, and making efforts to ensure the highest mutual satisfaction between the company and its employees.

Creating a bond based on mutual trust and cooperation between the company and its employees, a harmonious work environment consisting of highly efficient employees, and ensuring that all employees are treated equally and fairly within the framework of existing conditions,

As UNO, when hiring new personnel, it is important to ensure that we recruit people who are high in morality, well-educated, dynamic and open to change, think positively, who can train other staff and embrace company values, without discriminating individuals by race, religion, or language,

In our training programs, contributing to the development of our employees to reach their maximum potential, supporting them in improving the tasks they perform and guiding them to be better at these tasks, and the contribution of individuals in the development of other employees through performance appraisal are important criteria that are part of our human resources policy.

By emphasizing in-company promotions, enabling our employees to advance in their careers by promoting individuals based on talent, self-improvement and high performance regardless of age, race and gender,

Elevating and empowering our employees to their maximum potential, encouraging our employees to take personal initiative, encouraging leadership and innovation, enabling our employees to use their key strengths and creativity in line with company goals and objectives, and ensuring that teamwork is encouraged throughout the company and in all departments,

Organizing social and cultural activities that will increase the morale and motivation of the employees and reinforce the sense of embracing the corporate culture, taking regulatory and disciplinary measures instead of prohibitions,

Listening to employees' complaints and requests about Human Resources or the company in general, identifying existing and potential problems, and ensuring that the problems are resolved,

Building our corporate culture on the principles of honesty and integrity, respect for the individual, doing the right thing regardless of conditions, and being the best in what we do,

Our Human Resources system has been established in this framework and "HUMAN" factor has always been the core and main focus. Our Human Resources system is structured in accordance with the goals, objectives and mission definitions of our company.